Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Six years ago....

I arrived at my mother's house after
being called back because she was
not well. I got there in the morning,
read the beginning of Revelation and
thought WHERE is her pastor going to
be during Christmas. The Spirit filled
the room.......her pastor came, prayed
with her, and all of her main care givers
in the family were there when she went
to be in her Saviour's presence in the early
afternoon. One of my brother's had made
a Christmas card for's now
on You Tube. My oldest brother was here
from Texas on Monday and we talked about
how this mom of 8 was a super manager ,
an awesome listener, gave wisdom to each
of her children and whomever, and loved the
Lord. Imagine a whole kitchen table of socks.
Dark socks. You could sit with her and help sort.
She knew each of her 6 boys sizes and which was
whose and maybe those orphan socks got
paired up! I marvel.

I miss her.


podso said...

I remember how you read Revelation. That's why journeying together over the years is so precious. The card your brother made is wonderful. So nice to see your mom. Is that her house?

Bonnie said...

Yes..... it was also my grandparents.