Friday, December 11, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

There is singing in our home as
3 of the family are in The Messiah
this weekend. Sure puts a smile on
my face to watch two dressed in tuxes
and one in a long flowing black dress
leave to the Dress Rehearal tonight.
Second dress rehearsal. We have our
tree to put up tomorrow, cookies to
bake for after the performance on
Sunday and cards, wrapping paper,
and a kitty all curled up under an
afghan. We have Gingerbread Air
Spray by Mrs. Meyers~! SO if there
are not cookies baking, you can put
the scent in the air. You can find it
on sale in certain stores.

Those rock sort of things in the
Anthropologie catalog are felted
soaps!!!! Smile at that beauty.

We are thankful for God's hearing
pleas of help when a water pipe
burst in our front yard yesterday.
The City was out from 9 until mid-
night with a backhoe and trucks and
lights at the top of the driveway. I was
out for my 3rd time at Julie and Julia ,
which has left the cheap movie theater.
It just makes me laugh and cry and feel
good. Her cookbook goes back to the
library on Tuesday along with Traveling
with Pomegranates. You know my reading
this weekend!

Messiah:  Calligraphic Word Pictures Inspired by the Music and Text of George Frederick Handel's Messiah, With Notes by the Artist


melissa said...

Your joy is contagious. Thanks for that! :)

walking said...

I am SO jealous . . . I miss singing Messiah every Christmas and Easter--nothing like singing that majestic music in a group!!!!