Monday, December 14, 2009

Miss Oreo and the Christmas Tree

This is what Oreo looks like ...and she did
almost do that. THIS is not Oreo but a photo
from our local animal shelter's site. A great
likeness to our kitten. She sort of sparkles
when she looks at the tree! She got out on a
limb this morning! I guess I could count it
all joy.

Counting it joy for the AMEN ( 7 pages of Amens)
at the end of The Messiah this past weekend.
My daughter said she has sung it 7 times in the
past two weeks! She is only 12. She probably was
the youngest in the 150+ choir. My eyes welled
up as I thought of Revelation and the Amens in

Counting it all joy for beauty. Beauty of the
season. It's all around us. I was struck by the
beauty of the atmosphere in our church for
The Messiah and a drama of his life. Beauty
nourishes. Beauty brings us to worship.

Counting it joy to pray. Many with health issues,
job loss, and joys too ~~ new jobs, houses sold.
From one extreme to the other that we ask of
our Lord to answer with His mercy.

holy experience


podso said...

You put it all well. And what a delightful photo! Emma will always remember this first Messiah (see my post tomorrow)...What a great evening, with gratefulness to your family's participation.

I want to know about those candles.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

We had an orange kitten who make a practice of lounging about in the Christmas tree, and scaring the bejeebers out of guests when he would decide to depart from his bough.

Funny kitties!