Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Walk Across.......

My son visiting NYC just
called and after going to
Central Park, the Met,
Chinatown, they went home
walking across the Brooklyn
Bridge. His feet are tired!
Shades of "Kate and

My friend said to say HELLO
to Brooklyn Bridge for her
at church yesterday.
Surely he has.




Length of river span: 1595.5 feet
Total length of bridge: 5989 feet
Wdith of bridge floor: 85 feet
Suspension cables: four, each 15.75 inches in diameter and 3578.5 feet long, containing 5434 wires each, for a total length of 3515 miles of wire per cable
Foundation depth below high water, Brooklyn: 44 feet 6 inches
Foundation depth below high water, Manhattan: 78 feet 6 inches
Tower height above high water: 276 feet 6 inches
Roadway height above high water: 119 feet (at towers)
Total weight, not including masonry: 14,680 tons


Anonymous said...

Great photos and post...exciting for your son! Btw, the Brooklyn Bridge has always been one of my favorites. I hear it's for sale? Surely not!?!??

podso said...

So he did make it across! I never did (only part way), but walked across the GW (Geo Wash) several times, which I looked at out my college dorm window each day and night (except during an energy crunch when they turned out the pretty lights.)

It's the Greek hole-in-the-wall restaurants under the Br Bridge that were wonderful. Right by Wall St. And where the first president was sworn into office.