Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scrapbooking afternoon

Plunging into the photos
today as Emma scrapbooked
with two dear friends. Funny
how I had made a photo card
near the end!
I look at myself and wonder
why I always have to make
cards! This one was a winter
scene,then we had a lovely
cup of carmel roobis tea!
I will be sad to have summer
end and the long days it gives
us. There is always refreshing
extra quiet in summer that my
body and soul needs. I feel like
Ann Lindbergh in Gifts from the
Sea seeking the secret to bringing
back the timelessness of the beach
and island to her daily life.

In my childhood the summer days
seemed like eternity. Long days
outside playing and playing.
Today's play took us down
my children's childhood.
Good for the soul.
And it was almost 5:00 when
we had tea!

Five O’Clock Tea, Mary Cassatt



podso said...

You are drawn to making cards because the creativity is in you and this is a way for it to come forth. You are so free in your creativity, every card is a beautiful glimpse into your soul!

Bonnie said...

and you too!


Anonymous said...

It was good tea!