Sunday, August 3, 2008

Update on Beach Reading

Always a wonderful timelessness comes
when you are at the beach. No matter
how short or long a time. That's what
Ann Lindbergh wanted to bring back.
Delicious food and we're eating shrimp
tonight that we brought back ,
fresh from the boat! Also flounder and
scallops going into the freezer for a day
when we need a reminder of the goodness of
the summer!

Got through Flannery O'Connor's Wise
Blood. Not sure what I thought of it yet.
Very depressing , but when the main
character is the head of the Church Without
Christ, it has to be. Not sure I saw any
redemption because of that. Modern ART
by Rookmaacker is so good. I took notes
to teach Aesthetics in the fall. Halfway
through Gilead. Yes, Beth ~~~ good
quotes from it so far. The style is interesting
but I know the last half is the best , at least
from what I've heard. Sir Walter Scott demands
attention. Not reading before bed, so I'm not
sure how Charlotte Mason read Scott then.
He's an author I want to know. I've read his
journal and a biography by John Buchan on
this Scotsman!

Maso -Dixon Knitting
was excellent! Might
have to get that one. I never was drawn to it
because of the cover. It needs one of those
wonderful rugs or blankets on the cover. I
found myself wanting to converse with the
authors.Thank you Amber for mentioning
the book and where your log cabin blanket
came from!

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