Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Can't Put It Down

I'm taken with L. Woiwode's
new book. I love memoirs and
especially of writers. This one
loves poetry too. There are snippets
of poems that say exactly what he's
trying to write throughout the book.
Books and Culture has a review on
it. I'm glad to hear his voice again
in a new book.

He ends What I Think I Did with an echo
of John 1:16 ("For of his fullness we have
all received, and grace upon grace"):
"It has all been gravy, … and, better,
grace and gracious people put in my
way, and yet more grace."

From A Step from Death:
( I think this one sentence
is profound about each calling
of our lives , gifts and talents)

"The words wouldn't spring from
their sentences with the speed of
light, as it feels when I'm tripped
into the dimension of creative
delirium and glimpse a wink of
eternity, as in 'the seal's wide
spindrift gaze toward paradise'
in the wonderful conclusion to
a Hart Crane poem."

Today's quotidian mysteries :
laundry and vacuuming!
Maybe into the garden. Heat
is coming today, so I'm not sure
that will happen. Indoors cleaning
when the sweat will pour!

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