Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sprinkled with Fairy Dust

We're back from the SCHOOL DAY at the Renaissance Festival~~ packed with loads of bused children from all over the state! It was quite warm , but as we left we heard a double wooden pipe of a fairy sending us notes of farewell and then at the gate was another one to sprinkle checks with dust! We found a lost little girl on the way to the car , out in the huge farm's field. I left her with the head Security Guard to get her to her bus and said to her : The Lord will take care of you! The guard smiled at me!

Cecily M. Barker , the fairy illustrator , has a wonderful site:

"Tread lightly there might be a fairy afoot!"


podso said...

What good description--felt like I was there! I'll take some fairy dust.

walking said...

Bonnie, I found a great site that is sprinkled in fairy dust. You and your daughter can make TOYS if you have a decent printer and cardstock. Pamela has already made a fairy wand, two secret windows, and an animal menagerie. I think these qualify as handicrafts because children can make their own toys that are non-toxic too. Pamela and I are enjoying this site thoroughly (and what a fun and purposeful way to work on fine motor skills).

Bonnie said...

THANK YOU for the links Tammy!