Monday, October 8, 2007

On Another note

My husband played a Press Agent in the movie "Leatherheads" for 8 days while
George Clooney was in town in April. It was to be released on December 7th, but
now is postponed to April! One year to wait to see if he was cut in any scenes or
is part of the opening scene in the football stadium. What a thrill for all of us and now
we have to wait.


melissa said...

Aw nuts! Bet you're so excited and to have to wait that long must make you crazy. But how wonderful for your husband to have that experience. I'll bet he has some stories!

Bonnie said...

You would have to meet Ken to know the stories are true and said with great excitement. He gained an appreciation for the director that he didn't have before....and from a computer guy! Stay tuned in April!


podso said...

boo hoo---but it will be worth the wait!