Wednesday, October 10, 2007

She beat me!

In Scrabble! "With a little help from her friend" ( MOM)
Emma is 10 and Gordan at 11 ( 5 years ago) could beat me. I don't let them, really!
It helped with some grumpiness this morning in getting schoolwork done to say "Let's play Scrabble when we finish this work" We sat outside listening to two crows make strange calls to each other before flying off. She and I could read all day if we had our way! Wish I had had this kind of education. She had 208 and I had 168.

Evan comes home today for Fall Break. It's still dry and warm. The house will fill up again. It will be good to have eye contact instead of voice contact or emails or letters. He got that comparision paper on Letters vs Emails. Surely he was the only freshman who choose those to compare! His older brothers have all visited him since he's in the mountains. Warms my heart. Their break is over and his starts. That's the way life is at times, isn't it.

Wolf Kahn

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