Monday, October 22, 2007

Light for the piano

Emma and I saw a piano on Saturday at an Open House of a historical Victorian
house in Matthews. It had candle holders on it like this:

You never know how something is connected to something else. Never think what you are looking at is for nothing. Tonight we read this in Little Women, when Beth gets a piano from Mr. Laurence:

"See the cunning brackets to hold candles, and the nice green silk , puckered up , with a gold rose in the middle, and the pretty rack and stool, all complete," added Meg , opening the instrument and displaying its beauties.

We had just seen one on Saturday! Our eyes sparkled and Emma said "OH ~~!" as we read it. I said on Saturday that I wondered why the Jane Austen movies didn't have these kind of "lighted pianos" but here we know that the Alcott's had one!

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