Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Reading with Emma

After 4 sons, I finally get to read Little Women with Emma!
We visited Louisa May Alcott's home this summer which sparked the excitement to come back home and read it together out loud. We are only into the first 3 chapters:
I am Jo and Beth; Emma is Meg and Amy! We take turns with Marmee and Laurie!
We keep thinking of the movie and her bedroom where she wrote the book.
It's on these kind of days that I feel so deeply blessed to be reading outside on a "Block Island" day with my daughter while the whole world is running around or sitting in school!

She's also reading The Two Towers. Her oldest brother couldn't believe she was reading Tolkien ! She has 50 more pages to finish and then she can watch the movie!
I was studying Revelation while she was reading about Sam and Frodo tonight!
I marvel that those moments of all your desires are right before you. God's goodness and grace!

louisa's Chamber

LOUISA'S CHAMBER: A room of her own had always been a priority for Louisa. With her often turbulent emotions, her vivid, romantic imagination, and her constant preoccupation with her family's welfare, she needed a haven in which to escape, where she could find solitude and where she could write. Louisa's father built her a half-moon desk between two windows and a bookcase to hold her favorite books. May painted a panel of Calla lilies beside the desk and an owl on the fireplace.

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podso said...

I love a look into LMA's room! It does look like a haven. Did she write LW there? One of my favorite books I've told you. Must see how Miss Emma liked it. I think you might have a reading blog, Bonnie!