Friday, July 10, 2015

there and back again

- Anniversary week and we stayed in Staunton,VA to see two Shakespeare plays at the BlackFriars Theater: 
Antony and Cleopatra ( fierce romance)
and The Winter's Tale ( romance too and funny). 
This is the only replica of Shakespeare's indoor theater. 
My husband sat on stage the second night. He was part
of the play in a way: had to roar and had his hand shook
by an actor in a scene. If you know him, he loved it. 
Me: I sat downstairs about 10 rows back. It was preview
night so it was pay what you will! Grab a seat. You can
do that on any other night with tickets. Once the show
starts, all is for grabs!

We stayed in a bed and breakfast called Anne Hathaway's Cottage owned by a Brit from Bath. All Shakespeare inside and has been sold. Last time to stay there is in October. It will be turned into a tea room.

You could walk from one to the other if it hadn't been so hot. 

We also saw some beautiful Tiffany stained glass windows in an Episcopal church:


Bonnie said...

Next time is church service here to hear the organ which
is not pictured but housed in the back with pipes.

melissa said...

Oh my. This post is full of wonderfulness. :)

podso said...

It sounds wonderful --- and Ken must have been in his element for sure!