Monday, July 20, 2015

good tips

Just reading Mary Norris " Between You and Me: Confessions
of  a Comma Queen" and here are some tips so far:

- substitute "and" where the comma is if the comma's placement
seems odd and see if it sounds better

- do not read Introductions unless the author wrote it.
If a translator or other person wrote it, do not read before the story.

" I never read an introduction that is not by the author: I find it gets
in the way, and can prevent me from reading the book. I once tried
to read Ivanhoe, because it was cited in some children's series- Trixie
Belden or Betsy and Tacy--and I got so bogged down in the scholarly
pages with lowercase roman numerals that I never go to Sir Walter Scott. 
I still have never read Ivanhoe."

1 comment:

melissa said...

This makes me laugh. I've noted introductions (lower case numbers..yes to all of it, or roman numerals) that are so long as to challenge the length of the book. Reminds me of book reviews I've seen on Amazon or Goodreads that make me think the review considers him(her)self an author as well. :)