Saturday, July 25, 2015

for the love of handwriting

I pull out pages out of magazines for ideas. 
This time it was Wendy Brown of Brown Ink. 

Brown INK started with a blog about handwriting and birthed
into a stationary company: Brown Ink. 

I want to meet Wendy. I have the page up on my frig. 
of her workroom which has a butcher block desktop that 
runs the entire galley of the office. Bulletin board for ideas. 
Narrow room and a window. I can't find a photo of this to show 

I love letter writing, stationary, paper, pens , and
now pencils. 

Getting ideas. 
Don't you like getting ideas. 

Travel Journals aren’t just for out of state trips. 

More links on the side if you have time and you 
want to keep the lost art of letterwriting going. 
Or the lost art of handwritten journals.

My daughter is making special cards for letter writing
when she goes off to college. 


melissa said...

Life is so weighty, reading about paper, pens and paper (and pencils) is cause for very light thinking. Thanks for that. Reroutes my head.

Bonnie said...

Working with your hands will too ... and I know you are in the kitchen and love
flowers and herbs but it is HOT.

podso said...

Of course I love this!