Thursday, July 16, 2015

almost friday

from the murmuring cottage tumblr

Another peek into my day:

- got up early to read : 
an unpublished book by Anne White
which will be launched soon. Stay tuned. 
She is one of the Ambleside Online founders
and an expert on Plutarch. I am teaching 
Plutarch in two classes in the fall. Easy with 
her lessons here and to make good citizens. 

I started another  book yesterday and almost halfway 
through. Mary Norris is a copy editor for the  The New Yorker
 I am reading it to see if I could use it for my high 
school class. Not using it but I do like a few of her 
tips. I have a list of books she mentions to look at now.
 Here is an article Mary Norris wrote in The 
New Yorker. The magazine  is for readers so the 
article is long. 

- read to young kids at a refuge center 
and then put bag after bag of clothing
on hangers in the free clothing store

- latte at a local coffee shop afterwards

- yesterday I went to one of those "5.00 a bag"
booksales and came home with 3 bags

- daughter turning 18 tomorrow and she has plans
with friends and family's turn is Saturday night

- long prayer list these days

- potatoes cooked to make potato salad

- laundry on the line

- Gilmore Girls on Netflix still continuing in the evenings. 
 If you did or are watching the show , here is a 
NY Times article on July 13, 2015: 

Why the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Fandom Lives On


melissa said...

Your life is a comfort to read. :)

podso said...

It sounds like you are busy but in a nice way. What a perfect day. And your baby is 18. Happy birth-day to you!

Anne White said...

You are very kind, but I am so NOT an expert (or a classics major).