Saturday, July 4, 2015

good for the soul

- a new short story by Wendell Berry just published
and I will read it today. Print it to keep it tucked in 
one of his books, possibly A Place in Time. 

- my childhood home went on the market after 47 years
when we moved from New York to North Carolina. Same
family stayed there for that long. I have been chasing memories since yesterday and get to look inside on virtual tours. 

- cookouts: small family one tonight and a group of old
friends last night

- The Gilmore Girls: onto Season 3 and Rory going to college and anticipating my youngest leaving next month

- blueberries from my neighbors bushes

- kept my son's corgi overnight

- very , very good first part of my friend's plenary at the Charlotte Mason conference and Liz got a 2 minute standing ovation : Vision for Children

- Happy 4th! 

My sister and I shared the  far left room at the top and there was a door to my parents room so I think this was probably set up as a nursery when built in the 1920's. I would love to see the walk-in closet of that room. So many
nooks and crannies ....


melissa said...

Your home was glorious. :) I'd love to see the realtor's photos online. That's an amazing house. And thanks for the short story link. Off to read it, love.

podso said...

That is a huge, rambling house! Was it originally that size? What an amazing house! I wish I was in on the conversation the other night when you were telling about it. G told me a little. I'm sure it's so emotional for you to see inside it now. Memories.

Mama Squirrel said...

I printed out the story, but I'm saving it to read when I have more time. Thank you for sharing that! Could you send me an email or a pm or something, so we can talk about book reviews?