Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Song

I finished Jan Karon's new
book that takes place in Ireland.
Winter cold and staying home today
meant a fire. I couldn't
resist drinking my morning tea and
reading. I miss Father Tim once again.

Now getting Christmas books out.
One is Winter Song by Luci Shaw
and Madeleine L'Engle. What is good
about this book is that it goes into
Ephiphany. You can read most of it
on Google Books here. I have an earlier
edition and like the cover better.

Another series are Miss Read's
Christmas books taking place
in English villages. The Village
Christmas and The Christmas
Mouse and No Holly for Miss
Quinn. I also have started
Elizabeth Goudge's Christmas
Book. I usually don't like fragments
of stories in an anthology but I've
read alot of her books so I'm peeking
back into the stories for Christmas.


Nancy Kelly said...

Which Christmas book by Goudge are you reading? (She has at least 3). I'm reading The Lost Angel. I love the cover of your Miss Read, too.

melissa said...

LOVE the Miss Read Christmas books, and got the Goudge Christmas book at the library today.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

You've selected some wonderful stories for your Christmas reading! They are all sitting on my own shelves too...I think I'm just about ready to delve into a few of those.

What did you think of JK's latest? I also read it.