Monday, December 13, 2010


Lee: A Life of Virtue (The Generals)

There have so many books written about
Robert E. Lee and this author has focused
on the core of who Lee was to debunk some
of the myths. John Perry tells the story of
a man we should remember for
his high calling in our nation and as a
hero. General Lee gets wrapped into issues
as one studies the Civil War. This book tries to
unravel those issues to the man who
made decisions based on his devotedness to

The book is a bit dry in places but the
premise is good. We need statesmen such
as Lee today . He lead the South, even with
an flaw that was too trusting of his
commanders who believed they had a better
grasp of the situations. But he was honorable
and to not be would have been unthinkable.
He never abandoned his personal standards.
A gentleman. A true warrior.
That is what we need today.

Thomas Nelson Publishers, book review
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