Friday, December 10, 2010

IN Mitford

We drove up to Boone today
and just as we got near Blowing
Rock , there was the SNOW.
The rest of the day was magical.
Snow, snow , snow.........
Just picking up my freshman
as he finished exams today!

Good timing as I just finished
Jan Karon's lastest book.

Monday's weather in Boone:
Snow squall and temperatures
in the teens with chill factor below
zero. Exams cancelled already.

My senior still has two more exams
to go in that storm.
Yes, two up there just for this year.
You probably have some overlapping
of children where one catches up with
the other and they spend that year
together. Last year was the youngest
two singing with their dad in The
Messiah in the choir. This year only
Dad from our family sings this weekend
for 3 performances.

1 comment:

melissa said...

Sounds very wintery. :) Oh, and so tickled to get a darling pug Christmas card this week.

You know what I like!