Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reading out loud with my Emma

We also started another book
together: The Penderwicks: A
Summer Tale of Four Sisters,
Two Rabbits and a Very Interesting
Boy. Emma has read it already and
the sequel. She really wants to read
it with me. Now what could a mom
who homeschools want more!!!
Plus she made dinner last night for
us. It was all based on mashed potatoes
made from red potatoes. ( with the skins
on....delicious! Comfort) We also had
ground lamb with sweet peppers and
onions...and broccoli. Yum.
Jeanne Birdsall talks on her writing here
on YOUTUBE ...( 5 min) and what books
influenced her: the Bastables, Lewis' books,
Little Women. She started writing at 42.
She is writing 5 books in The Penderwick
Series. That is most lovely to know that more
are coming. She wrote a book that she would
have wanted to read as a child.

Back to Reading ~ she is reading to me
that book and I am reading to her Gary
Pilgrim's Progress. He wrote
The Wednesday Wars and we met him
last Fall at a book signing. This is a
wonderful read aloud.


Nancy Kelly said...

I will have to look up the Penderwick titles! I love the fact that she didn't start writing until she was 42 - inspiration!! What do you think of Gary Schmidt's PP? My Katie is pitting cherries from our tree as we speak. Cherry pie tonight!

melissa said...

Am familiar with the Penderwicks, but feel the need to look them up again.

Some children's books are just so special. :) Thanks for the reminder.

podso said...

What a pleasant image in my mind--you and Emma reading to each other in your big "keeping room."

So good to see you today! Good news on all your young men!

Amber Benton said...

I read it. It was ok. I'm glad that there is a sequal. I think that's one thing I remember - it felt like a series...