Friday, June 18, 2010

Listening to webcast

I haven't done this before,
but I am streaming a live
webcast from Ligonier:
conference going on right now.
RC Spoul Jr. was excellent on
why we sin? Because we are sinners.
I love that he said: We wouldn't have
grace if there wasn't sin.

Now Derek Thomas with his slight
Scottish or British dialect speaking on the absolute truth
in writing of Scripture. Excellent.
I always love to hear INERRANT and
INFALLIBLE Scripture. Over and over
again. It is the highest authority. No
contradictions but things we don't
Strong diction which makes me think of how
I imagine Spurgeon sounding!
( close,...he's from Wales!)

Thanks Jennie for the link!

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walking said...

Yeah, really! It's not like you have to teach a child to lie or act selfishly . . . it comes naturally!