Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This writing of blogs

In thinking tonight of what to write
on my blog, I thought that an idea
for a blog had not hit me.

How do you keep blogging?

Is it for a diary or journal
of your life to record events?

Do you wait for an idea to strike you?

Is it like an online magazine article?

What happens to you when you write?

Carl Larsson, Letter writing


melissa said...

Love the painting. :) As to ideas, you know me...I just blog the everyday things. I so enjoy the mundane things that folks do. Don't require impressing, but just living is entertainment to me.

From the Kitchen said...

Sometimes I think of my blog as a journal, sometimes a cookbook, sometimes a creative outlet. I've found that my greatest joy in blogging is the wonderful and inspiring people I meet. I never expected it would be so important to me.

Yes, I've read "I Capture the Castle" and "101 Dalmatians". Sadly, each time the Disney movie comes out, dalmatians are recklessly bred and many are abandoned We now have our third dalmatian and have had to be very careful with breeders. Our last two are from the same breeder. We've been fortunate and love the breed.


walking said...

I have never been much of a journal writer. This sounds awful, but it's the truth. Blogging is utilitarian for me: I try to share what is helping Pamela and her autism and aphasia and encourage others. Relationships and inspiration from what others write come out of that sharing, which is what I love most!

Brenda Williams said...

I initially begun blogging as a way to document a Fiber to Fabric grant I had received for my classroom. My first posts were of activities from our fiber unit with process photos of my kids working in the classroom, on field trips, and working in the garden growing flax. The process was sort of addictive, plus it gave Amber and myself a way to correspond both in writing and visually. My own blog has evolved a lot over its lifetime. Now it is more about what is really important to, people, art. I have been having these nigglings in the folds of my brain that says I should be doing this in "hard copy", so further metamorphosis may be on the way. Who knows, maybe a journal or altered book that I photograph/scan for posts. I am drawn to the idea of being able to hold all this in my hands and rifle through the pages of my life like a well-loved tome. Somehow the computer keyboard just doesn't offer the same comfort as pages snuggled between a cover smoothed by touch.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

There are many reasons I keep blogging. The creativity of it...I love the visual aspects of blogging, photography, blog many ways to reveal beauty.

Being able to share ideas and books and thoughts with others who understand just what I mean...a community of friends who encourage and support and welcome...

My posts are basically impulsive and not planned ahead at all. Sometimes I want to share a beautiful photo or painting so I sit down and on the spot write something to go with it; other times the emotions in my heart are flowing over and I have to get them out and turn them into words...other times I come across something inspirational and want to share it just because it is so good...

I have go stop myself from posting any old thing just to get attention however! Like everything else in life, I find the Lord is training me to stop and listen to Him about what I am doing and why I am doing it...and sometimes the answer it...keep silent! Be still and know that I am God...come away with Me...

Nancy Kelly said...

This is an interesting question! I've only been blogging for six months, but I find it fascinating to see what it has become for me. I don't think of it as a journal or diary. I use it to narrate what I've read or experienced in regards to my philosophy of education. That's what I want to write about, so that's pretty much where it stays.

The creative end of it has surprised me - it has become a delight to write and see the final product. Something about it makes me feel good and tickles a part of my brain that doesn't always get exercise.

There's more to it, but that's all for now!