Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What book did Wendell Berry suggest ?

My husband brought me the mail
last Weds. as I was still packing!
" A letter from Mr. Berry!"
It was noon. I was leaving at
2:30 to stop by the airport and pick
up two California ladies on my way
out of town to the Childlight Conference.
I had written Mr. Berry asking him what
fiction book he would suggest for my
Am. Lit. Honors Class. He said to read
"Andy Catlett: Early Travels"
as it will read like history!
There's something to show my students!

Doesn't timing amaze you.
It does me.

Then I read this and she is ahead of
me in reading this book.
My book arrived today.

"No one who has gratitude is the onliest one. Let us pray to be grateful to the last." Wendell Berry in Andy Catlett: Early Travels

Great quote Beth!~

Andy Catlett: Early Travels: A Novel

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melissa said...

The fact that you have a correspondence going with Wendell Berry just rocks my socks. :)