Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Gift of a Day

Out of the blue,
into my email,
can this from Tammy Glaser:
" I will be in Charlotte on Friday.
Would you like to get together
for lunch or anything?"
We are doing both: lunch and

Check out her blog for a wealth
of information on education,
learning difficulties, Autism,
eating RIGHT, and the beauty of
the Gospel in her life.
We have just seen each other at the
Childlight Conference .

If I was a blogger who carried her digital
camera for blogging , I would have taken
a photo of Tammy holding her daughter's
hand at dinner in the cafeteria on the table.
It is ingrained in my visual scrapbook on
Beauty. I can visualize Christ doing that
to me.

What a gift of a day !

Michelangelo's Creation of Adam
Sistine Chapel
A touch here.......imagine a hand held.


Nancy Kelly said...

Friends are such a gift, aren't they? Can I come too, please?

Bonnie said...

yes, yes , yes!

walking said...

Bonnie, you have the gift of TIVO eyeballs. The rest of us need cameras! LOL

P.S. I'm at the Starbucks in Concord chilling out and catching up on email and stuff . . .