Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Bit of Mitford

While standing in line at
Trader Joe's this afternoon,
a couple with grey hair and sort
of a New England look to them in
how they dressed, had to wait
for their card to go through.
Afterwards, the lady said, " At a
book signing ( I've written a couple
of books) , this lady asked me to sign
it saying : "N-a-i-l" . I said NAIL? She replied
"Yes, N-E-A-L......N,,a,,,i,,l." Emma
and I cracked huge smiles.We
are about done reading
Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski OUT
LOUD. It reads like that. You have to
have a thick southern accent to read
it and it's fun. Besides you learn who
"Crackers" are. "Hit sure is purty!"
"o'er thar..." You get the picture.
So Emma and I sparkled.
Then as they left , the cashier said,
"Weren't they just like that couple in
'Golden Pond'......his hat was like
Henry Fonda's and she was like...??"
"Katherine Hepburn.

This author told me what books she
wrote and I have one of them.
Then she said,
"You will always remember my last
name because it is how we should be:
I asked her if she knew our friends
down at Wycliffe Bible Translators Center
south of our city. YES, she use to work
with him. Here is a link to the
prologue which is a short and amazing
story of God bringing them together.
I love the way it begins like all good
stories: Once upon a time....
She does a little bit like K. Hepburn.
Notice those high check bones!

You just don't think you live
in Mitford, then God gives you a
taste.Real taste. Sure tastes good!
Wish I had more time with her.
Now to find the book on the

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Anonymous said...

Bud and I read your article about meeting Aretta...yes he has worked with her...small world:)