Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Search for God and Guinness

The Search for God and Guinness:
A Biography of the Beer that Changed
the World

by Stephen Mansfield
Published: Thomas Nelson Publishers

A book about beer? The title gives away
part of the story: the Guinness family and
how they used their wealth to bless others
and change cultures as godly leaders.
This is a tremendous story to read as an
antidote to our economic climate. Here is
a company founded on biblical principles
and a family who accomplished ways to help
the poor, their city, their workers, and even
sought out missionary work.

Arthur Guinness started the business in 1759
in Dublin. Mansfield gives the history of what
extraordinary things an ordinary family can do.
His was 10 children.Guinness' Brewery changed
the culture by providing for its workers, even
paying for days in the country! I wanted to work
for them. Another descendant flourished in the banking
industry and carries on the "culture of
generosity" as Mansfield terms. Another
descendant , Henry Gratton Guinness became
a prominent preacher with Spurgeon and
Moody. His children marry into the Hudson
Taylor family and carry on missionary work. I
would highly recommend this book to anyone
who yearns to know godly men in the past
who led and changed lives. Mansfield gives
excellent lessons at the end of the book.

Did you know the first Sunday Schools in Dublin
were started by Arthur Guinness?
If your husband ( worker) went to war,
you were given half of his salary?
Henry Guinness, in 1910, predicted the
restoration of Israel in 1948.

You will want today's CEO's to read this book
as well as young men.

Shhh......this book is going to be among our
Christmas gifts.


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