Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is the word that Stephen
Mansfield used most to describe
the Guinness family. Our lecture today
by Dr. George Grant, friend of Mansfield,
went over the Chivalric Code and this is
one of the parts. The Boy Scouts use this
also. It transformed society. Transformed
families. Biblically based.

It means benevolent. More than kindness,
it finds hurts to meet. It is a form of mercy.
Some may resist the kindnesses so one has to
find ways to to reach those who
resist. It helps the poor,
the needy, and strengthens with encouragement.
It brings a smile to a heart with practical

That is what the Guinness family did.
It changed culture. It changed families.



Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I like that word and what it means...I did not know it before.

You've got me a bit curious about that Guinness family; I may look for the book at the library...

Bonnie said...

It just came out. You can be a Thomas Nelson Book Reviewer and get it free!