Thursday, October 22, 2009

Warm Autumn daysd

Gorgeous days.
Almost friday.
We are quiet here tonight.

The weekend is almost here.
Friday is a totally free day
for us. It sort of is a catch up
day or it can feel like Saturday.

Have you got a math person in
your house that keeps doing math?
I have one right now. I had one who
calls me and just got married last
Spring. Now his little sister is thinking
deeply about math. AND she is a reader.
I love to see how learning happens.
How the mind takes on ideas, even
mathematical ones. Today we explained
some rational numbers to her in the car
and she is still pondering them. My mind
does not think that way. That is perhaps
why I think it is fascinating to figure out
a math problem or any other problem.
You can almost see the wheels turning.
I'm thankful for those moments because
in homeschooling there seems to be no
bell ringing to say class is over.


podso said...

love that last sentence!

melissa said...

And I'm partial to the first one! :)