Friday, April 25, 2008

Need to plant some!

She was always picking flowers
by Edmund Dulac

"She Was Always Picking Flowers" Print


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hi Bonnie - that's a beautiful painting!

Re E. Goudge's autobiography, on page 134 she mentions his daughter, Adelaide Phillpotts, who was evidently her friend, and Adelaide's book The Lodestar (which I've yet to find)...and she mentions Adelaide is Eden's daughter. That's it, but I remembered the name when I saw My Devon Year at the used bookstore.


Anonymous said...

Agreed, it's a beautiful, mystical, moving painting. It's also on the cover of my gorgeous collection of Hans Christian Andersen's tales. And the title reminds me of my favorite garden plot: The two lavenders (Provence & Goodwin Creek), two purple sages (Russian & Mexican purple), rosemary, and one mauve clematis, that I tucked in at the corner of the house on the sunny side of two evergreens and forgot about while fussing with the larger beds. It has become the most subtly beautiful, English, mystical, fragrant, and charming spot in the yard, and every day, I'm either watching it out the window or strolling through it, running my hands over leaves and inhaling the herbal scents.

Thanks so much for the mood.

Also searching for The Lodestar,
Christina Marie

Anonymous said...

Just have to share this site:

Unknown said...

I love this painting so much! Thanks for posting!