Friday, April 18, 2008

Lifted up

The weather is gorgeous but the spirit
is a bit weighed ~
I read this a few days ago and it

lifted me up from Spurgeon. Here are bits
of that day's devotion:

God’s people need lifting up
. They are very heavy
by nature. They have no wings, or, if they have,
they are like the dove of old which lay among the
pots; and they need divine grace to make them
mount on wings covered with silver, and with
feathers of yellow gol

The world’s people are looking after silver and gold,
seeking their own pleasures, and the gratification
of their lusts; but, Lord, lift thy people up above all this;

In the battle, if they seem to fall, O Lord, be pleased
to give them the victory.Suffer not the adversary to
vex them sore, and make them fret; but if they have been,
like Hannah, persecuted, let them sing of the mercy of a
delivering God.

Lifting up. ......sometimes seeing a place we love
will do it too:

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walking said...

Bonnie, I need to absorb what you put in this post. I might need to get around to reading some Spurgeon one of these days!