Sunday, April 27, 2008

April Showers

Neither flowers nor tomato plants got
planted. Late afternoon rains after
the trip to the Farmer's Market and
Renfrow's Hardware. They have the best
plants. A book got read . A children's
Newberry Award Winner of 1957:
Miracle on Maple Hill. Emma will catch
up with me, so we can talk about it.
Got some cards written to be mailed
tomorrow. Great Sabbath rest. Plus
some knitting of a felted handbag. Yarn
given to me by my sister. My only sister.
(among 6 brothers!)

The Bedtime Book, illustration by Jessica Wilcox Smith


Danielle said...

I'm a friend of Podso's, the "kids across the street's" mom. I so enjoy reading your blog!

Gail said...

What a precious picture!!

Nan said...

I loved Miracle on Maple Hill. I should get that from the library and read it again.