Thursday, April 10, 2008

Magical Day in the Mailbox

An English fairy ( friend of my dear friend of
the Supper Blog) sent Emma a package today.
It took us by surprise because it was posted in
Ontario! Who do we know in Ontario , Canada
who knows Emma and would send her a package?!!!
When we figured out WHO it was
(an English friend of the above friend )
we knew it was a fairy gift. She's a kindred
spirit and has made it so magical coming from
England. Wouldn't you like to have a fairy send
you presents!?

She sent it on a recent trip to Canada and was
heading back to Worthing."It will be Spring
there , so perhaps I will see more fairies."
It was a Rose Fairy plate!

(Rose Fairy, Cecily Mary Barker)

Then my friend of the Supper blog sent me a
get well note. Neither of them knew their
mail would arrive to Emma and to me on the same
day.....the grace of God! Her card was an English one
too ~~ of Snowhill in Cotswold. It looks like a fairy
place to me! This is similar:

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Snowshill Manor has several doors! Here's looking out
of one:

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Thank you to both of you.
What an enchanting day.
And by the way, HI from your
Worthing friend ~~

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Linda said...

What beautiful photos! We can see why visiting the Cotswolds is so popular.