Monday, May 11, 2015

thinking about mothers

I missed mine yesterday. I missed her words: 
 "Everything is ok. It will be." 
Her mother's love was huge. It had no bottom to it. 
She had listening ears to my heart.

I could count on those words. 

I hope my motherhood leaves those words imprinted on my 
children's hearts. They reflect the words of Christ. 
"I am making all things new." " I have loved you with 
an everlasting love." It is his hesed.  

I thought about this yesterday --deeply. 

"The love of God is meant to make us valiant." 

Amy Carmichael

Counting on the love of God and "everything is  ok"

to soak and  be into the depth of the hearts of my children
and the next generation. 

We need valiant people in this world. 


 "brave, courageous, intrepid in danger"

 "be strong, be well, be worth, have power, be able, be in health"
"to rule" 

Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528): detail from ‘The Holy Family with the Dragonfly’ (1495), engraving

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melissa said...

I remember my mom saying, "It'll be alright," as well. And I try to say it to my own kids. It does settle the spirits. Such simple words that have such long-lasting impact. :)

I love you, Bonnie.