Thursday, May 28, 2015


We celebrated a friend's birthday this morning.
We had fruit, scones, muffins, and cheese
and pots of tea. 
then we colored. I had seen the colored pencils
and wondered what was up.

from my friend's blog

So lovely and you can see here. 
So much fun....

Now baking and listening to the play list 

for Saturday's Open House for my daughter's
graduation. This whole week has been checking
off a long shopping list, finding pinterest ideas ( Emma  not
me) , and cleaning. This is the last of five children and
homeschooling. ( but will keep teaching my wonderful
high school students)

I will post recipes. Stay tuned. 

One song on the playlist is Counting Stars
and these words  are  going in my journal:

"hope is our four letter word"

If you know Sandra McCracken's music, here is her 

new album : Psalms. I heard her in person last fall
and she sang a few. Last night I kept asking my daughter
if she remembered and she said " I wasn't there!" ( SAT
the next morning) So I said I probably will be saying 
this next year when she is gone thinking she was here
doing things with me. ( shhhh, if you know Sandra don't
tell her she is not on the list)

These songs were born out of personal loss, much like when the seed falls and dies and bears much fruit.... At the time of working on this, I didn’t have the capacity for other songs. I could sing Psalms and take the Eucharist."

something beautiful about the word Eucharist...

My Help, My God: Psalm 42

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melissa said...

Love this. I'd seen Dotsie's post about the coloring. I have a coloring book myself, but use good, old Crayolas. :) Will look up the music on Spotify. Doesn't use my Internet usage up if I do it audibly, if that even makes sense.