Wednesday, May 6, 2015

age doesn't matter

I was welcomed into the next decade with lots of love.
My heart overflows.

( flowers from my students at class on Tuesday

with more gifts)
'Class today!'

May is here and I was born on the first of May.

This birthday  year is also what  I said when my last 
was born: I will be 60 when she graduates from high school

Here I am. 

Right at the place in time I saw coming. 
I won't say how fast it has gone but I will say it how good 
it is to be here now and look back at the years. 


done ( finished homeschooling all my 5 stellar kids) 


podso said...

You might deserve a graduation ceremony of your own! Well done, friend, your children will "rise up and call you blessed."

melissa said...

I agree with Dotsie, and may I add, you're plain awesome.