Wednesday, January 7, 2015

things I am fearful of

- letter writing is getting harder to do because of emails

- the economy

- the next generations' choices  and losing faith

- another shooting now in Paris

- being numb to the news

- silence from God

My students wrote poems yesterday after an exercise from a book called
Poemcrazy. The poem starts with answering  questions to I am.... and questions
 like  "What kind of tree? What color? What season?  What are you afraid of?"
and then put them into a poem. I was so touched by their silliness and  honesty 
which seeped into their 16 answers. I was very touched by one student who fears rejection
and longs for friendship. Another who  is quiet and  struggles with thinking he is liked , 
read his three lines saying so much is going on in his head. 
Another knew what googolplex is when I asked " what number are you? infinity,
 googolplex, eight..." scored and we clapped for him.


podso said...

Do you mean it's just easier to respond to an email letter by an email? Don't lose your art of letter writing!

Bonnie said...

I appreciate your letters and love of words! Yes, it is much easier and seems to be of the way communication is now.

melissa said...

Yes, to all you've said.