Thursday, January 8, 2015


Just reading THE RABBIT ROOM post by a favorite
writer/ poet , Rebecca Reynolds.

Miracle on Demand

I know part of her story and it would make a non-believer
say " See , is that how you treat people? Who wants your 
God?!" ( husband -pastor was let go for a business driven
pastor to grow the church) It is not the first time nor the last 
to hear such stories. 

AND so this former pastor wife , teacher of 11th grade rhetoric,
poet, lyricist with Ron Block of Allison Krauss and the Union Station,
and one I learn from writes as I nod my head:

For several years, I’ve been disappointed that God’s rescue is so slow. I’ve seen bad people do bad things without consequence, and I’ve seen good people suffer in ways that aren’t fair. I’ve prayed and prayed, and God refuses to do what I want.

( read on above)

She ends with the words  Jan Karon uses all over Mitford:
Not my will, but Thine.

repeat: Not my will, but Thine.

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