Friday, January 23, 2015

psalm for the january thaw

Here is my daughter's poem . I had 
my students write their own from Luci Shaw's poem.

Blessed be God for bare branches,
for dry crackling leaves crunching 
beneath worn out boots. For the trickling 
water in the creek, the buds of daffodils
promising their grand entrance, and 
the chirping birds  who are laying eggs 
for the coming season.

Glory be to God for the spinning 

of the earth that never ceases. 
For nature's cycles- spring, summer,
fall, and winter. Birth, life, and death.
Nothing stands still in God's creation. 
It is an ever moving benediction. 

from patterns in chaos tumblr


podso said...

Good Emma! Love that "ever moving benediction" ! Did you send to L?

Bonnie said...

She hasn't yet!

Anonymous said...

I love this - It does evoke the goodness to be felt and found in each day, each season. The spinning earth!