Friday, January 9, 2015

the weekend

is here
and it is very cold
and I just can't take my Christmas tree down
because it still smells wonderful
but it is drooping a bit
and it was put up mid-December
and still the lights 
and ornaments bring me joy.

BUT the New Year is here. 
Must get on to it.

Tree coming down this weekend.

new tumblr: Delta Breezes who makes me hungry and 
want to go somewhere: 

Katie Rodgers

Caulin Grant

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melissa said...

Your post about Lamb stew made me hungry, though I've never had it! We had hot dogs (not impressive), but redeemed with Bavarian sourkraut and roasted cut-up garlic potatoes. Anything to dress up the ordinary. Cold here too. Hard to type. :)