Saturday, July 19, 2014


Summer cold. 
I have tried and tried to fight it. 
Today my voice is croaky and whispers are more audible. 

We did have a wonderful , wonderful birthday for Emma's 17th
on the 17th. Think I have some photos but they are on my phone.
We had company: this dear friend and her youngest daughter
( living books library and write at The Story Warren) and they 
brought homemade baguettes and chocolate croissants and
THE birthday cake which had Italian buttercream in the middle of 
a chocolate cake. We had homemade pasta from a shop and
we had 12 around the table. 

We shopped books ( used books ) and to our favorite store which 
just makes you feel better by looking at all the beautiful dresses 
and housewares and we ate at a favorite French cafe.

I am up to Lecture 6 of Jerram Barr's Children's Literature class
online free. ( think it was 2006) I have found some new books and 
authors ( Nick Butterworth was a student at L'Abri, thus knew Jerram)
and used book shopping with my friend who owns a private library
of 17,000 books has enlarged my heart and mind.

It is very cool here and we have had needed rain.
Hope all is well with you in this mid-July weekend.

From The Murmuring Cottage.

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podso said...

It sounds like you celebrated well for Emma! I was just at A's the night before! I hope you feel better soon!