Tuesday, July 15, 2014

rain and thunder and books

Lots of rain and thunder late this afternoon. 
Maybe the heat will be cleaned away like a good washing on the floor!

We have a birthday this week.
17 on the 17th:

I just read ROLLER SKATES for the first time :

Loved it and knew everywhere she skated in NYC.
Just got a beautiful copy of the sequel:

And reading this book which I might have to get :

And , my last and in this list but there are a few more books I won't put here, 
is this delightful book: 

Mice in Buckingham Palace when Queen Victoria's Jubilee is going to happen!


Gail said...

Where do you find all of these adorable books? I love looking at them. Would love to read them! Right now That Quail Robert is on the bedtable. Pkg in the mail to our sweet Emma.

podso said...

Can She be Seventeen? This is going to be a big year for her. Sweet Emma!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

You've got some interesting reading. I love those older books' covers - about the roller skating. I've not heard of any of these, except I do know Frances Mayes.