Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bookstores in NYC

For book lovers and NYC lovers :

Bookstores of New York


Don't you wish you could walk to "The Shop Around the Corner" today. We did pass the restaurant last Octoberwhere she is waiting to meet Foxx which is on the Upper West Side. Still so adorable and has photos from the movie ( You've Got Mail) outside. We were walking
at night across the street , heading to the subway, and I said " Isn't that charming!!"
Then we discovered it was famous.

I visited Books of Wonder in April. There it was across from City Bakery where we 
were meeting my cousins. Sadly, most of the used books were at a Book Fair but 
it still was a highlight.

Cafe Lola :


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

How fun. I love that movie. And yes, it would be so wonderful to somehow enter the movie as reality for a little while and visit in person.

podso said...

I enjoyed a little visit to NYC with you today.