Monday, June 30, 2014

The Sounds of Silence

The tickets were our kids Father's Day gift.

He opened on friday night with :

When he started this song, we were silent and a soft murmur of the words filled
the venue. He told us the story of Paul coming to his apartment and he had 
written this song: 

He gave us this song: The Boxer

He didn't sing AMERICA , but sung about my favorite American city:

He read poetry in-between songs. Told stories about Simon and himself. 
He is missing THAT hair now. At 73, he is finishing up walking across 
Europe. He walked across America when he was young. He writes poetry.
He had been in movies. He has read over 1205 books. See his lists on his website.
 We heard him about 10 years ago with the Charlotte
Symphony and when he sang " Bridge Over Troubled Night" , I was transported
to heaven. His voice is how I hear the angels in heaven singng. He ended the friday
evening with a Q& A , then went into the last song:

Here is a poem he wrote for CBS , Notes to my younger self, and he wore the same shirt on Friday night.
This tells his life story and is very good. I do like good poetry!

Art Garfunkel inspired me. He thanked God for his voice at age 5 and still does. His voice 
was lost a few years ago so this is his come back concert tour in small venues.
 I saw what a CALLING is, what giftedness is, and he  brought joy through his
singing, words,  and his life to us. Thank you kids!


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Wow, I got all teary eyed watching that last video, his letter to his younger self. Ah, that music! Sure does take me back to youth long lost now, only memories. Bittersweet. I can imagine how wonderful the concert must have been.

Bonnie said...

me too..... it was in a very small venue that my sons have been to but we hadn't. Not the big arena in town. All the songs take you back , don't they.

melissa said...

I've always loved his voice...and his booklist. Wow. Just that. Wow!

podso said...

Oh my. What a gift from your kids. Major sound of our youth.