Thursday, June 26, 2014

good books , songs and "holy imagination" at INKWELL

This past Saturday , we spent the day at workshops on writing, songwriting, poetry, 
and illustrating . INKWELL Family Conference. It was for the whole family, so I 
sat in the back of all the high school sessions. Jan Bloom was there with her most
lovely books. All the INKWELL teachers were there with their books , cds, illustrations,
and guitars! 

Some thoughts:

- it is amazing to see 10 year boys have a stack of Andrew Peterson's Wingfeather Saga books , get in line to have them signed, and then sit on the floor in the hall to read. 

- Slugs & Bugs , Randall Goodgame, took Scripture and the groups ( each followed a color plan to go to each of the 4 sessions) and wrote music to a verse. I was astounded at the gifts. Here is his favorite verse on THE STORY WARREN.

- There were real professionals teaching. Three male and one female. 
Rebecca Reynolds had us all in stitches with her opening story of the toilet paper song her
children have to sing in rhyme when there is no more toilet paper. They have to make up new verses! 

- and all to bring our imaginations to " holy imagination." What does this mean 
and each of the teachers had a take on this. 

- evening concert:  Randell Goodgame made us wish our children were little again.
Andrew Peterson made me want to play the guitar and sing. hahahaha!
He poured out his giftedness and stories so we went home so deeply nourished like
being at the Supper of the Lamb.

- Here is the illustrator: Zach Frazen

AND if you don't know about The Rabbit Room, go read daily.
The Story Warren is  an offshoot and good books for children.

 Andrew's last song in the Evening Concert: The Reckoning

shorter version:

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