Friday, June 20, 2014

There and Back

Back from the Charlotte Mason Institute Conference and still thinking up 
the sessions and listening to Jerram Barrs, who spoke, and here is  more from Covenant Seminary:

Children's Literature

Jane Austen

Dorothy Sayers

There are also workshops by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay from FOR THE CHILDREN'S 
SAKE . This is the 30th anniversary of her book. It was the very first book put into my hands
and then I went on to Charlotte Mason's volumes. That year Susan came to our church to speak.
The journey began! 

I also heard Nancy speak and I am still thinking upon her session on Citizenship. 
I was blessed with her overnight stay at my house and a trip to Whole Foods and 
Anthropologie after church before dropping her off at the airport. 

Other events this week:
- daughter was hit by a car crossing lanes to turn and didn't see her. All involved are fine and the car may be totalled.
- daughter -in -law had gall bladder surgery today. All went well.
- tomorrow is INKWELL: a writing conference. I know I will have more to say about the gifted teachers.
-it is hot. 

Landscape at Twilight
Van Gogh

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Nancy Kelly said...

And I was blessed by your amazing hospitality! I just signed up for the free content at Covenant - thank you for that. So glad Emma was not hurt in that accident.

I look forward to your INKWELL report!

May all your goings be graces,