Friday, January 3, 2014

into the new year

I do like the even numbered years. 
This year starts with a Girls time with my sister. 
My only sister. 
Six brothers. 
We were outnumbered.
We stuck together. 

She is up at the coffee shop with my Emma. 
Her computer cannot get on wifi here. 
So odd. 
So Emma , who I am so glad is driving , went up 
 the street, then turn up the street to the 
coffee shop. Love this kind of times when there 
is time just for the two of them! My sister is our 
NYC travel companion.  

Watched all of the BBC shows and up to date like we 
lived in London.  Sherlock Holmes last night! It is good !
Will watch it again when it airs here. We had to wait 
for it to buffer so added 30 minutes to the show!! 
It is good. Yes, he is alive. 

Books to recommend:

new novel from  Shirley Hughes which is her first novel 
and I liked it.... for upper elementary and up to adults.
( like me) Great interviews of Shirley on the book site.

Her daughter's picture book:

adorable , funny book: 

 And a book I read in a few days over the holidays about a YEAR, yes, a year,
in the UK and Europe as a family. Starts in Oxford and I found myself quite 


podso said...

How nice to have your sister visit. We need to try the new tea shop!

walking said...

I'm betting Emma is equally glad to be driving!

Bonnie said...

Tammy, very much so!

Gail said...

Love my sweet neice!!

Gail said...

And time in your home always fills my heart. It is cozy:) What would I do without a sister to love and share life with? So grand to see the boys and their women! Such a great family! Love you all.