Monday, January 6, 2014

First Monday

It is busy here.
How about where you are?
I am on my 4th load of laundry.
It feels like the former days : when the house was full.
Only 4 of us for laundry during the holidays .
I do love to do laundry & fold piles.

This Monday is bracing for a cold night. 
Flannel sheets on the beds.
Fire ready to be lit in the fireplace . 

" And now, let us welcome the NEW 
YEAR , full of things that have never been." Rilke

things that have never been-
love those words  


melissa said...

Hi sweet thing. All I can say is STAY WARM!!!

You make me smile, did? Did you know that? Your upbeat way of addressing life brings me joy. :)

melissa said...

I'd delete that last comment I made, but it makes me laugh to see how I sound like I'm stuttering. Hit the return key too quickly, backspaced and voila!

walking said...

I am going home with a luggage full of laundry.

Gail said...

You love doing laundry, I love doing laundry, mom loved doing laundry. Do you think it's genetic???

Gail said...
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