Sunday, January 19, 2014

a Sunday afternoon in England

My husband is catching up on Sherlock , well , starting it. 
Emma and I have seen Season 3. Oh my. Oh my. 
Benedict Cumberbatch's  real parents are his parents in the two last episodes. 
Steven Moffat's real son is in the last of the season. 
So here is the conversation my husband had with a son on the phone 
while we were on a walk today: " Has anyone said you look like Sherlock?"
" Yes." This son watches it for the writer. ( Steven Moffat) 
I have never guessed an episode.
Those watching Downton Abbey, keep on . It all ends well. Maybe fine is a better word. 

I finished Susan Branch's A Fine Romance: Falling in Love with the English 
Countryside  this afternoon.
I have been in the English countryside in tiny villages , up to the Lake District, 
and up to York and down to Chawton.
We missed Beatrix Potter's journal and original Peter Rabbit letter at 
Victoria & Albert Museum in London. I raced into Emma's room declaring
what we had missed. She said : We must go back.
This is  a good book to read and don't get distracted by the quotes. 
They cover the pages because that is what Susan Branch does.There is more 
on her blog than in the book. 

You can read about  the trip on her blog. Susan's mentor was Beatrix Potter. 
See her Beatrix Potter bedroom here.

The first full day in England on her trip is here then onward on the blog.  


podso said...
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podso said...

I said it again last night, though we only watched the beginning before hitting the sack, Sherlock looks like one of your boys--not sure, maybe a combination, or maybe #4 ? Just a very familiar look! :-)

walking said...

I'm half-way through Season 3 Episode 1. The French waiter bit just cracked me up! Thanks for sharing the juicy tidbits. I will have to rewatch some episodes to spot the parents.

Oh, and it was wild watching the second Hobbit. So, Smaug is Sherlock and Bilbo is Watson. Head spinning!