Thursday, January 10, 2013

a mother's heart

This mother's heart was warmed tonight with my only son who is NOT married said:
          " I have to get her flowers. It will be a few hours before she can get 
              them in water. Should I get a vase or something?"

Well, later,  I asked his sister (15) how touched I was that he knew to get his girlfriend
                            FLOWERS for their early " 4th anniversary" dinner. 
             She said : " I think he has watched all these years and all the boys say
              the guy who dates ME has got to be good at all those things. High standards!"

We laughed. 
I was touched. 
They came home from dinner out with cupcakes for us from Gigi's Cupcakes.
How did he know I wanted to taste those:

                YUM. Two on the right ( white & choc) plus hazelnut and a choc with 
                                     white icing piled high with tiny choc chips

He was whistling tonight! 
Tomorrow they go to do Indoor Skydiving at the world's largest wind tunnel.


melissa said...

This is so sweet. Annnnd, I didn't know there were Gigi's cupcakes in other places. We have them too. :)

Bonnie said...

I didn't know it is a CHAIN , so to speak. yummmmmm...........

Gail said...

I want to hear about the skydiving!

veryblessed said...

Sweet! I can see how that would touch your heart! Those cupcakes are beautiful & I am sure they were delicious too!


Tina said...

Touching..... You have raised a very thoughtful young man!

podso said...

Oh yes, you've done well with your boys .. and your girl!